School Rules

Freese Rules

The following rules cover school standards that must be followed by all students outside of classroms. In class, teachers have set rules.

Students are expected to:

  • Follow directions of all staff members at all times.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.
  • Walk, never run, on school campus -- except at recess and Physical Education class, when children are free to run.
  • Eat only in the lunch arbor and cafeteria at designated times.
  • Dispose of trash.
  • Snacks from home should be healthy and nutritious, not junk food.
  • Bring only school-approved materials to school.
  • Keep school materials and property clean and free from graffiti and inappropriate markings.
  • Use polite language at all times. Cursing and shouting are never permitted.
  • Treat all staff members and fellow students with respect. Freesee does not tolerate hitting, fighting, bullying or defiance.
  • Leave class when the school bell rings, and go directly home, to your parent or to PrimeTime or other parent-approved location after school ends.
  • Follow the directions of the School Safety Patrol when crossing the street.
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