Health Office

We want all students and staff to stay healthy to keep our school running smoothly and everybody health. We encourage parents to contact the Freese health office for any questions or concerns you have around children's health issues.


For students who need medication administered at school, the district's "Physician's Recommendation for Medication Form" must be renewed yearly This form is completed by your doctor and requires a parent/guardian signature.

Our health office cannot give children medicine without this important form on file in our office. Your child's necessary medication and the form need to be brought to the office by the parent/guardian. Short-term medication forms may be completed by a parent if a student requires a prescribed medication for 10 days or less, such as antibiotics and other medicine only taken for temporary illness.

Please note:

  • Prescriptions or instructions must be in English.
  • Medications cannot be dispensed by the classroom teacher.
  • Students may not bring medications to school to administer to themselves.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to stay in contact with Freese's health staff regarding their children's medical concerns.

Student Visits to the Health Office

A student must have a pass from a Freese staff member in order to visit the Health Office. Freese teachers are equipped with a first aid kit to address minor scrapes, so we encourage students to stay in class as much as possible.

Parents should notify the teacher and the Health Office if there is a reason a student might be expected to make frequent visits to the Health Office.

Health Staff

Nurse Juna Genesta is in the office on Tuesday! We encourage students to see her and benefit from her expertise and experience.

Every day looking out for the health and safety of our school we have our trained Health Technician, Mrs. Marisol Olmos.

When should ill children remain home?

With a temperature greater than 100 degrees orally (without fever reducing medication) children should remain home for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to school after illness.

With persistent vomiting or diarrhea, childrenshould not attend school until the vomiting or diarrhea has dissipated for at least 24 hours.

Children should not attend school if they could have a contagious disease (e.g., strep throat, conjunctivitis). See your doctor immediately and obtain the appropriate medication. Generally, doctors recommend returning to school after a 24-hour period of medication.

Please make the school aware of any contagious illness (e.g., strep throat, chicken pox, hepatitis) so that we may alert the parents of children in your child's class of possible warning signs. Individual names are never mentioned in the correspondence sent home.

With lice or nits: Children should not attend school if they have live lice or nits. A child with lice must shampoo with a lice-specific medicated shampoo and show proof of such treatment upon returning to school (e.g., shampoo box or container). A parent will need to accompany the child back to school the day after treatment so that health office personnel may confirm that the child's hair is free of lice. The school office should be notified at the first sign of lice, so that we may alert the parents of children in your child's class (individual names are never mentioned).

If you are notified that a case exists in your child's classroom, please follow the directions sent home by the health office and check your child(ren)'s hair for lice. Quick detection and treatment will stop it from spreading.

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